Andersens Rigel

Breed:Irish Cob Main Section Class 1A
Color:Blue Blagdon
Reg.number:246002IC1600140 (FSIC)
Breeder:Ina Andersen
Owner:Ina Andersen
Offspring (0)
Andersens Rigel SL Survivor Colt Superior Paleface Billy Boy aka The Christie Horse
Daughter of Brigadier
Michael\'s Fountain Mare Bullseye Bob the Blagdon
Shorty van Tinkerstal Foubert
Panda Mare Patsy McCann\'s Black Splashed Horse
Rosenlunds Damona Samson N.R The Old Horse of Wales N.R The Old Horse of Ireland N.R
Jerry Connors Mare N.R
The Sweeper Mare N.R
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