Hermits Red Eagle

Breed:Irish Cob Supplementary Basic Register
Reg.number:826089440TC2640 (FSIC)
Latest vaccination date:07/02/2021
Breeder:Hermits House Farm
Owner:Tuija Lilja
Offspring (0)
Siblings (0)
Half-siblings (0)
Hermits Red Eagle Hermits Gold Ransom Frilenis Ailill The Red Rooster
Frilenis Ebony The Boss AKA the Business
Hermits Gold Locket Golden Sunlight of Hermits
Hermits Natasha Hermits Duke
Hermits Ebony May Hermits China Boy Hermits Tom Tom of Hermits (NR)
Hermits Babydoll
Hermits China Doll Patch of Hermits
Hermits Cilla
Hermits Shamrock Hermits Prince Patch of Hermits
Ellie of Hermits
Hermits Natasha
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