Nydal's Rainman

Sex:Male, Neuter
Breed:Irish Cob Main Section Class 1B
Color:Smoky Black White
Reg.number:246002IC1700188 (FSIC)
Breeder:Helle Gjørup Olesen
Owner:Lonni Mortense
Offspring (0)
Siblings (0)
Frilenis Eowyn
Frilenis Peanut
Harmonys India
Nydal's Abigail
Nydal's Aislinn
Nydal's Blue Eyed Joe
Nydal's Chester
Nydal's Daffodil
Nydal's Dark Knight of Sorcas
Nydal's Frosty
Nydal's Hope
Nydal's Lavender
Nydal's Mayflower
Nydal's Nelsson
Nydal's Phoebe
Nydal's Pretty Boy Sean
Nydal's Sir Malcom
Nydal's Sir Winston
Nydal's Snowman
Nydal's Timothy
Nydal's Wendy
Nydals Lady Jane
Nydals Vincent

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