Change of Ownership

20 € (reference 8934) 
change of ownership form has to be send to the studbook. Studbook thensend a new Ownership Ceritificate. 

Foal registration

110 € (ref 8921) inc. Registration + passport + DNA,  by 31.12 (at year of newborn)
170 € (ref 8921) inc. Registration + passport + DNA by 1.1

Parallel registration

30 € (Ref 8934),
 the horse has been registered in one EU Member State to be maintained in a register or Irish Cob studbook and the horse have a valid identification document.

Replacement identification document

120 € includes an investigation 

 DNA (hairstampel)
50 € (reference 8905)  horse brush or tail are pulled approx. 20 horse hair from the root and delivered to the registrant in a small Minigrip bag packed and with a horse name, microchip and registration number DNA result of cross-comparison

30 € the laborator DNA result is sent to the DNA data bank in which the horse is compared withthe DNA data bank on the results and the search for possible relationship
Transfer Control Law (leasing)

15 € transfer is made by a written declaration to the studbook

Breed Entry 20 € 

Prices for breeding events 

foals  25€

1-2 year old fillys and colts 50 €

mature at least 3 years old mares 50 €

mature at least 3 years old stallions 150 €

Class for offsprings 20€/ offspring (stallion/mare and at least 3, up to 5 offsprings )

Geldings Show-class 30 €

Champion-show-class for horses who has graduated elite-rating 100€ 

Link up with event:

Breed entry, without registration  80 € (includes registration and passport)

Breed entry, Registered horse (with EU-passport) 20 €

DNA-sample+activate 50 €

the account number of society: 
FI26 1113 3000 6086 75 (BIC-code: NDEAFIHH)