Finnish Studbook for Irish Cobs - FSIC ry

Studbook is a register for horses that has been approved to use in breeding. Studbook will record multiple knowledge about the breeding horses for the use of the breeders. Usually documentation is done by pedigree, capacity, type, health, durability, movements and character.

There is criterion that need to be filled by pony or horse to be approved into the studbook intended to breed only horses that are consistent into breeding standards.

The Value of breeding horse is done by inspection in the breedingshow. Breeding that is supervised with inspection aims to take care of quality of breeding and control breeding standars inside of the developing Breed.

Breeding standars are described in Irish Cob studbook principles by Traditional Irish Cob Society (ICS 1998).

Irish Cob has been approved to the studbook when it fills the qualification of breeding standars and its fulfilling the requirements of studbook by pedigree or it passes the breed entry by inspector.

FSIC ry will record all registered horses into the Database, secureted application Breeders Assistant and to the virtual application FSIC Database online that is seen in homepage.

FSIC ry is organizing inspections yearly in the countries where operating is allowed: Finland Estonia Latvia Lithuania Poland Denmark Norway Germany Spain Czech slovakia Hungary Belgium France Italy.