DENMARK 23.7.2016

Nydals Irish Cover 61,5 p Breed Entry
Nydals Tiffany 61,5p Breed Entry
Stud Stages SofiII / 59,25p
Stud Stages MeaganII / 59,75p

Bisgaards Cornelius II / 61,5p

Cillbarra Mystery I/ 66,75p Elite Mare
Bullseye Easter I / 63p Elite Mare
Nydals Aislin I / 64,75p Elite Mare
Frances I / 62,5p Elite Mare
Nellie II / 59,75
Nydals Hope II / 58,75p
Nydals Wendy II / 58,5p
Lykke From Molgaard Ii / 55,25p
Nala Stage II / 59p
Lenders Kelleigh Of Clan Loughlin Ii / 58,5p
Lenders Miss Tailina II / 58,5p
Stud Stages Brianna- /46,25p

Nydals Eye Cream Toby I / 63,5p Elite Stallion
Corono I / 62,5p Elite Stallion
Cobs of Norways Balder II / 60,25p