This information will change at 21th April 2021 because of new acts by EU regarding to identification and registration of horses.

The foal must be identified at latest before 12 months after birth and in any case before leaving the holding of birth, unless the departure takes place with it´s mother (foal and dam are changing at the same time in to same place).

Foals aged over 12 months, which are registered for the first time, retributes Not intended for slaughter for human consuption for the time of the registration.

Breeder reserves veterinarian for manufacture of Identification form, which will be clearly marked with a microchip(M) place , date and signature by veterinarien and stamp.

Studbook only accepts identification form adopted by the origin of the stud book, the kind you get on studbook request or by printing of the association's web site Forms tab.

During identification of foal it will be taking hairsample (approx. 20 horse hair from the root), which are DNA-test. Horsehair into a small Minigrip plastic bag on top of a microchip and the name of the foal.

After identification, following documents will be sent to the stud book:

  • Identification form done by veterinarien
  • Covering certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Hairstampel
  • 2 pictures

and send to studbook secretarian to address:

FSIC Sini Kuure

Unnaanmäentie 78

36660 Laitikkala




Print the association's web site form for registration. The form and the horse identification document (passport) is sent to Tiina Saranpää, which makes the registration in the passport and the horse is added to the studbook database.

Between Member States move Horse owner must inform the land register / studbook, where the Horse is at least within 30 days of entry into the country.

In case of doubt, and if the case is otherwise exercises, please contact the studbook registration (see contact details).